Warm Age on the Cobbles

What a week of contrast on ‘The Cobbles’ of Barnard Castle.  Wet and windy Wednesday, boxes and packaging blown around, people, heads down rushing on by, and no Gerardine to lift my spirits.  Then super, shining, sunny Saturday, Gerardine returns, the sun is warm, we chat with our fellow market traders, the weather is quiet, but the Market is a bustle and we meet some lovely, vibrant Warm Age Folk.

Jim from Forge Lane Brownies www.facebook.com/forgelanebrownies/ made a lot of people very happy with his fudgy, chocolaty Brownies and we hope the hat that Jim bought for Hannah will make her as happy. Another infamously known and eminent fudgy Market Trader, Lisa http://www.loopylisasfudge.co.uk/ came with her smiles and took away some lovely happy rainbow gloves, hand knit by Joyce and a price winning, crocheted flower hat made by Madge and Emily.


Jim from Forge Lane Brownies

The Farmers Market has more wonderful food stuff and we couldn’t resist David Knipe’s free range chicken breasts http://madeincumbria.co.uk/ from Cumbria and Katrina’s wondrous vegetables from Blue Bell Organics http://www.bluebellorganics.co.uk/


Dave and Fiona

Dave and Fiona sporting his manly Northern hat

Our own customers were a delight and came from the length and breadth of the UK.  Amanda from Brighton was our first and was delighted with Carol’s Vintage Cable 3-twist Hat, so much so she said ‘I will wear this as often as possible’.   Another hat, bought by Malcolm and hand knit by Carol will keep Adele cosy, walking her dog on the Stang.  Sarah Coxon, Aerialist, Teacher and Performer www.facebook.com/HangAerialDance had an unusual request for Gerardine ‘I’m after a hat that won’t fall off when I’m upside down performing’?  Gerardine scratched her head, EUREKA!  Sarah left delighted with a Felted, Crocheted Pixie Hat by Karima.  Let us know Sarah if it works and we would love to receive an action photo of you and the hat.

David and Anne

David and Anne on route from Aberdeen

Kathleen from Darlington bought one of Vera’s lovely Bluefaced Leicester wool Beanies, and Gillian a pair of Joyce’s fingerless gloves for her Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeological Dig www.swaag.org  David and Anne on route from Aberdeen to their home in the Peaks were such great fun, swopping tales and stories with me and Gerardine and buying for their friends and family worldwide,  from Gerona in Spain to Tramore in Eire, from Brechin to Aberdeen in Scotland, or maybe Anne is going to keep them all for herself!  Thanks you guys, you made our day.  When we thought it couldn’t stay as good as this on the Cobbles of Barney along comes Dave and Fiona.  Dave wanted a ‘proper Northern man’s hat’ as he moves from the South of England to the Beautiful, but a little cooler Lune Valley, I sang Water’s of the Lune to my Darling Molly (Gerardine), Dave got his manly hat and I think we will be meeting for sure in the future


Sporting her rainbow gloves and crocheted flower hat

We love what we do, thanks to all of you.

Warm Homes, Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts