Cobbles to Prosecco, Mayhem to Calmness

20160911_1314201On the 15th of October as part of ‘Social Saturday’ we are celebrating our new ‘Pop-Up Shop’, 2 years as a Social Enterprise and to top it all our wondrous knitters and volunteers.  The shop is at 7 Market Place, Barnard Castle, just up from Barclays Bank and in a great position for people, on foot to walk in or for parking on the Cobbles to load up Briquettes.  On Saturday our knitters will be sipping Prosecco as they swap yarns and tales of pearls, garters, moss and popcorn’s and join the heated debate ‘can a hat with a Pompom be really called a beanie’.  Lingos the Flatpacker will be discussing joinery techniques with Angus and both will be pondering the delights of Porter Cake and marveling at the magic of a replenishing cake tin.


Here in the shop we can show to best advantage the full range of our knitwear without being troubled by the ever threatening rain of Wednesday and Farmers’ Markets.  This so often saw us, ducking the showers, tipping collected gallons of  rain from the canopy, trying hard not to soak our customers and/or holding down the Gazebo and catching flying hats as the wind tried to pick them up and blow them into the path of  an ongoing juggernaut.  This weather seemed to happen more so on Wednesday and Saturdays than on any other day of the Week!

But now we are in our wonderful shop with our wonderful knitwear and briquettes. Come along, browse, take your time, chat and feel the calmness.

Warm Homes, Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts