The Warm Age Wood Company would like to acknowledge the help and support of partners and supporters.

Thanks to Centrica,  Ignite and the Big Energy Idea for their investment and ‘a call for action’ that has  given us confidence to dream and be ambitious

Ignite Big Energy Idea

As a business with a social mission we are a certified member of Social Enterprise UK, learn more about Social Enterprise UK at their website,

Social Enterprise UK

We are delighted to use wool from Juey. Using 100% British wool, (some wool is called British but is only spun here). Juey feels strongly about supporting the British industry hence 100% British. The company is also an endorsed member of The Campaign for Wool. The wool is from the Bluefaced Leicester sheep which is wonderfully soft with a lustrous sheen affectionately called ‘British Cashmere’ and our knitters love using it. Find her here


Juey 100% British Wool