Woolly Warmers


WoollensWe are a growing network of people who share a love for knitting, making and giving. Through this we produce woollens, here in County Durham, hand crafted from 100% high quality yarns. This network of craft people is built upon the Warm Age ethos of giving, sharing and connecting. We are the Woolly Warmers of the Warm Age Company and we knit or crochet a broad range of items that look good, keep us warm and reduce non-biodegradable waste. Through this endeavour we contribute to the social aims of the company of reducing the use of fossil fuels and support for the elderly and fuel vulnerable in our community during the winter.

We are equally passionate about passing on these values and skills to children. We engage children in local schools were they are learning how to knit as a craft skill and as an enterprise. We provide children with an informed knowledge of how petroleum and chemical based products impact on the environment and the skills to make and market alternatives.