‘The Warm Age Wood Company keeps your neighbour warm’

What we do – 
We sell quality, carbon neutral, sustainable wood and bark briquettes and hand knitted and crocheted merchandise 

How we do it – We deliver our fuel briquettes in person and sell them directly at our shop in Barnard Castle. Through our 10-2-1 promise, that for every 10 briquette packs we sell, one subsidised or free pack will go to a vulnerable neighbour, we help keep them  warm.  In our shop the work of our knitters is displayed and sold and during our craft sessions it can be a vibrant hive of bustle, noise and activity. We connect to our local community and for our lovely group of knitters this reinforces a vital link and a sense of achievement and purpose

To get involved – If you like what we do, want to hear more or get involved please get in touch